A new, cheap and safe beer and wine filtration way

A new, cheap and safe beer and wine filtration way

December 1, 2014
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A new, cheap and safe beer and wine filtration way
Cheap but safe beer and wine filtration

Many companies currently use the fine clay filter aid kieselguhr, now a known human carcinogen, to filter liquids destined for human consumption. A novel vegetable fibre-based alternative performs better and is sustainable as well.

Previously, scientists have demonstrated improved adsorption of toxic contaminants and pesticides as well as enhanced filtration with an innovative treatment of natural vegetable fibres. They launched the EU-funded project ADFIMAX to demonstrate the ability to meet industrial demand.The Adfimax system consists of natural fibres treated without additives for impressive sustainability while protecting consumer health. It can be easily integrated into liquid processing lines during the current filter step with no modification of existing equipment. Researchers are targeting the beer and wine sectors that use large quantities of kieselguhr and face stringent regulations requiring reduction of toxin residues in their products.Adfimax systems demonstrably decreased levels of an important mycotoxin (ochratoxin A, OTA) and two other widespread pesticides to below detection levels in the previous project. Moreover, it also decreased levels of two other pesticides known to be endocrine disrupting compounds by 90% or more.Large-scale tests to filter 1 000 litres of wine in France demonstrated excellent filter pressure, speed and volume. The final product had good taste and quality of filtration. Scientists have confirmed the industrial viability of body-feed techniques. Preliminary tests using filter sheets demonstrated selective removal of OTA and pesticides even better than expected. Submission of test results led to its certification as a safe food contact agent by both German federal authorities and the United States Food and Drug Administration.Substituting Adfimax® for kieselguhr to remove contaminants and pesticides from wine and beer results in greater removal of contaminants with no carcinogens and significantly less solvents. These filters are highly sustainable and poised for widespread market penetration with demonstrated industrial-scale production and usage. Moreover, scientists are developing a business model to optimally market their product with plans to filter other undesirable components present in the chemical production

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  1. Shshichandra D Jaiswal

    I am a lab technician. I wish to filter wine in my lab. If your system is worth using in lab I want your filtration system. Please convey me the details of the same.

    1. Veltha ivzw (author)

      Hi, We arn’t involved in the project, our blog has just the aim to foster the results of the research projects. You should contact Adfimax project coordinator, -> here

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