Better berries

June 13, 2015
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Better berries

When it comes to a health boost, berries pack a powerful punch and have some rather surprising benefits. Eat blueberries for strong bones, strawberries for regulating the bowel system, blackberries for a better memory and redcurrants to lower blood pressure.

The EUBERRY project is working to bring more fresh berries to the market. Around the world, consumers want these berries and understand they are filled with high-quality nutrients. Researchers on this project are working to expand and create tools for the EU to produce more of these berries, at lower costs and with increased health value.

By using strawberry, raspberry and blueberry as model crop species, the EUBERRY platform is being tested, developed and validated. Researchers are also looking to improve the berry fruit sensorial and nutritional quality and reduce production costs. Currants and blackberries are also part of the study.

Farmers, producers and the consumer will be educated on the pending research results. Researchers are testing things like improved breeding techniques to for transferring important agronomic traits from germplasm to cultivated varieties; new cultivation systems for expanding berry cultivation in northern and southern cultivation system and to out-of-season production, including the use of LED lights a new growing technique to extend the season. Also being tested are pest control systems, reduced water growing conditions and protected crop environments. New techniques to test fruit sensorial and nutritional quality are studied with new techniques and fruit of the most interesting new genotypes are studied for their benefits on human health.

Working in tandem with the small and medium-sized businesses involved in berry production, project members are optimistic their research outcomes will make the EU a leader in berry production.


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